Self-Sabotage PROGRAM

You’re losing tens of thousands in revenue or missing successful career because of SELF-SABOTAGE...

Have you ever calculated how much money you LOSE because of that? I’d rather not, because the sum is enormous!

Finding excuses...
Doubting myself...
Imposter syndrome etc...

Been there, done that. 😬

👉 I’m inviting you to start a 6-week simple, but immensely powerful program with me. I’ll share a phone app with science based exercises with you. Proven results! So you can activate YOUR full power.

I’ve been through the program and can tell you my own success story.

It’s only few minutes per day, 1-hour group coaching in Zoom per week with me, mostly self paced, the only thing it needs:


STOP doubting, START acting!

How can you show up as powerful as you REALLY are? Stop self-sabotage! 

Create inner peace and your dream life by (re)learning to follow your intuition.  


1) 6-week program
2) A small group Zoom coaching per week with me (recorded for those who cannot join live)
supporting Whatsapp group for accountability and sharing
3) 1-hour video per week to learn directly from Shirzad Chamine
MAIN thing: powerful exercises few minutes per day.  

YOU’ll renew yourself like never before! Proven results!

Write and we'll set the plan.

The Monday meetings take place every week for 6 weeks at

9:00 AM CT
10:00 AM ET
15:00 PM UK 
16:00 PM CET
17:00 PM EEST
19:00 PM PKT

NEXT START IN MAY - join the waiting list. 

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